Aloe Vera Face


The face cream comes with a silky touch, easy absorption, provides hydration and leaves the skin soft and luminous. Among its components we find pure Aloe Barbadensis, a moisturizing factor, which is a natural protection that the skin has to fight dehydration, sunscreen, hyaluronic acid with a high molecular weight, which, due to the large size of its molecules, has the ability to retain the water from the outside, thus helping balance between the deeper layers.

We also find Shea butter that helps moisturize, soften and improve the skin’s flexibility and Macadamia oil, which due to its natural origin is a good substitute for synthetic mineral oils in modern cosmetics. Also the avocado oil that nourishes in depth due to its high content of fatty acids and vitamins A, D and E. Finally we find among the components of this cream the vitamin F Glyceryl Ester. This vitamin is a mixture of natural oils rich in vitamin F (corn oil, rosemary, sunflower and Rosehip). They favor cell regeneration since they have an intense nutritive and restorative effect. This set of assets make this day cream an essential companion to show a radiant face.

· Aloe Vera gel
· Pure Aloe Barbadensis
· Moisturizing factor
· Sunscreen
· High molecular Hyaluronic acid
· Shea Butter
· Macadamia oil
· Avocado oil
· Vitamin F Glyceryl Ester

Use in the morning and / or as a base before makeup. Apply on washed skin. Use a moderate dose on the face and neck.

Only for external use. Do not eat. Avoid contact with the eyes.