Hand cream


The hand cream is easy to apply, with a soft and pleasant smell, and helps protect and repair the skin of the hands thanks to its unique formula. Contains pure Aloe Barbadensis, glycerin, widely used in products for hydrating the skin, urea, which is considered the natural moisturizer by excellence, extract of Calendula, which is a skin stimulator that helps to leave the skin soft, smooth, fine and regenerated.

We also find Oat extract that has soothing, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing properties and helps to give firmness and softness to the skin due to its high content of proteins and carbohydrates, and finally Allantoin which is a substance that is used in cosmetics for cell regeneration, scarring, tissue repair and hydration. This cream is highly recommended for cold climates.

· Aloe Vera gel
· Pure Aloe Barbadensis
· Glycerin
· Urea
· Calendula Extract
· Oat Extract
· Allantoin

Apply a small amount on the hands and repeat the application as many times as necessary.

Only for external use. Do not eat. Avoid contact with the eyes.

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